Bee Hive Building

3rd Apr 2011

Another really busy and productive day down on the farm today. We had a lot of new families coming out to visit the farm for the first time and I’m happy to say that all of them have signed up as new members so we’re very nearly at our capacity for this year now!

The piglets were a big hit as they are getting quite used to people and happily come up to anyone for a scratch or a rub. They’ve put on a lot of weight already and dug over all of their initial area in just a couple of weeks so it was time to move the electric fence on to another patch. We also wanted to get the main chicken coop down into the woodland and Caroline brought a donation of 48 strawberry plants that needed planting out.

However, the main focus of work was the effort, led by Dan, to build a top-bar bee hive. I’ll not go in to all the detail here as Dan is preparing a full write up and Kriss shot some video of the whole process that will go up on youtube but I can confide that our skilled team of craftsmen have managed to turn a pile of wood (bought from a great local social enterprise – Cambridge Wood Works) into a true work of art! A step by step guide of the whole process has been written up by Dan.
Pile of woodTop bar bee hive

Caroline, Rebecca and Trevor all worked hard one the new strawberry beds, finding out just how hard work it can be digging over the heavy clay soil we have in the fens. They still managed to get all three new beds of strawberries planted and watered in.

By the time the sun set over the fields, we’d finished our planned jobs for the day and have met most of the families we’ll be working with throught this year – a great day!

Sunset on strawberries

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