Pig Ark v2

9th Apr 2011

It was another glorious day down on the farm today. The first job of the afternoon was to apply some sun block to the pigs’ ears. Our old spots have fair skin and do burn easily on glorious days like these. They do their best to keep cool and covered by wallowing in mud but however hard they try, the tops of their ears are always clear so out comes the factor 50!

We had two big jobs to do today, building another pig ark and clearing a mass of oil seed rape. We started off by clearing the line of the electric fence and some space in the pig field for the ark. The plan for the structure was simple enough, fence posts driven in to the corners, clad with board walls and a corrugated iron roof. So, we went back to the farmyard to cut the OSB walls to shape and roughly cut the roof purlins. Back out in the field, we spent most time getting the fence posts in vertically enough so that the boards fit neatly. We needed a bit of adjustment to the morticed joints for the roof but eventually it was all bodged together in time to screw down the roof and call it a day, ready for some saddleback weaners to move in tomorrow!
pig ark buildingAdmiring their handiwork
The other half of our team today spent the afternoon down the farm clearing a huge area of oil seed rape from one of the fields that we want to seed with fodder beet and spring barley. It was hard work in the warm sunshine, although a light breeze provided some relief. I have to say I spent very little time down there today after having spent the afternoon scything on Friday and knowing I’ll be back there on Monday it was lovely to have a break. It can’t have been that bad though as we found Trevor still scything away long after we’d retired home for dinner! Hopefully all this work will mean that we can get the field rotavated this coming week and perhaps next weekend we can do the far more pleasant job of sowing some seeds.
Cutting a swathe

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