Scarecrow, Beds and a BBQ

25th Apr 2011

Its been another fun week here at the farm, although we’ve got a lot less done than hoped for, due in large part to the heat and drought.

On Wednesday, we had the usual workday with the toddlers aswell as a first working visit from Neil who came along so unencumbered and thus managed to achieve far more than the rest of us combined!

After last weeks sowing of barley seed, I wanted another scarecrow out in the fields to keep the birds off this new patch. As we already have a rather handsome chap in the goose field, Emma kindly donated an old maternity dress for us to build him a partner. The kids got stuck in with stuffing the bags with straw but it was the grown ups who enjoyed putting the finishing touches to ‘Pamela’!

Building a scarecrowess

Meanwhile, Neil was digging out a trench round the polytunnel to bury the remaining plastic in and he also gave the strawberries a much needed soaking. We also had time to take our new ducklings out for their first swim and enjoy some Easter cakes.

The Saturday workday this week was very busy, we had half our families coming out and everyone was invited to stay on after the work had finished for a BBQ in the beautiful sunshine. Most of us set down to building more fruit and veg beds for the perennial plots. Some were smashing up old pallets in to boards for edging the beds, these where then taken out to the field and assembled in place. Finally, a brave few attempted to dig over the newly laid out beds, struggling to break through the dried out clay. However by the end of the day we’d finished another five beds – double the number there at the start of the day. Whilst all this was going on in the fields, Kriss and Dan were applying the finishing touches to the top-bar bee hive by fitting a box along the bottom complete with inspection tray.

The children were kept entertained in the garden by some Easter crafts and games. Easter eggs The toddlers all decorated some of the farm’s eggs and later rolled them down a ramp until they broke. There was also an Easter egg hunt round the garden – all organised by Emma and all of which was great fun.

We stopped around five o’clock for a barbeque to which everyone brought along a contribution. It was a really nice opportunity to sit and have a chat and for members to get to know each other. BBQ

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