Emergency pig pen and a goose run

1st Jun 2011

We had an exceptionally busy week last week, with emergency evening sessions on Tuesday and Thursday to fence off another corner of the pig field and build a new ark in it. This was in addition to the regular Wednesday and Saturday workdays. Our most dedicated member, Trevor deserves some kind of prize for having come up to the farm four times this week to help us in our time of need!

On Tuesday evening, Alan, Trevor and myself spent a happy couple of hours bashing in fence posts and tensioning up a run of stock wire. Em provided some inspiration by designing a sliding gate made from an old pallet and a few fence posts which we also made. The Thursday evening session started off badly when I soon realised that I had ordered half as much board for the ark walls as would be required. Fortunately, whilst we were standing around hunting for some more boards, Karen arrived with a crate in the boot of her car that could be broken down quickly to fill the gaps in the walls left by my error, phew! Following the plan used in our last home-made ark, we managed to get this one bashed together in the few hours we had left before sunset. Along the way, Trevor managed to bash in some more fence posts and we discovered Matt’s talent with a chisel.

building a big ark v2A happy chippy

On Saturday, we managed to finish clearing the old orchard area, including taking out some of the worst of the dead wood in the fruit trees. We now just need a wind-free day to be able to have a bonfire. We also had another delivery of crates – this time from Dan who had spotted a couple of large crates sitting outside the Cavendish Lab which he wasted no time in hauling back to the farm. They were massive – and so just the job for building a goose house with. Matt and Dan pulled together the basic structure just leaving me the small the matter of attaching a door and running a cable out for the heat lamp. So I finally managed to get the goslings into their new run, complete with big shed, on Sunday.
Caroline clearing the orchard

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