More chickens

2nd Oct 2011

Chicken coop interiorWe were generously given seven new chickens this week, a mix of commercial hybrids who are laying well. Unfortunately, they came without a coop (which will follow on later) so we needed to knock something together quickly. At first glance round the pile of scrap wood we didn’t have anything too promising ‘in stock’ but on a second look, we found enough to make a start.

craftsmen at work

The base was provided by an old crate scavenged from a building site. We added a simple pitched roof and clad the whole thing with board from the packaging of a spectroscope (obtained from outside the Cavendish physics lab). The interior was furnished with a pair of perches running the width of the coop and a low board dividing off a nest box along the back wall.

coop in situ

It was around this point, with the main structure complete, that we started to add the finishing touches of craftsmanship. Matt got to work fashioning the sliding doors for front (entrance) and back (nest box access) along with some smart handles. We struggled a bit to find the last pieces of cladding needed, in the end we had to demolish an old door to provide the final panel. As time ran out we carried the coop over to the corner of Dipper’s run and took a last chance to admire our work before letting the girls into their new home.

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