29th Nov 2011

Kriss welding the mouldboard
We’ve spent a month or two getting ready for ploughing our fields to prepare our fields for growing vegetables next year. We bought a Kubota compact tractor, its an imported Japanese model dating from the early ’70s that we picked up cheap at auction. Under Kriss’s expert guidance, we changed all the filters, oil and glow plugs. We had a bit of trouble getting the old girl running again after this service, but after sucking the diesel through and putting in a brand new battery she was off and running. In the meantime, we’d bought an old Ferguson single furrow plough on ebay. It wasn’t in too bad nick, but needed a small plate welding on to the mouldboard to patch an old piece of damage. Kriss did most of the work, assisted by his new apprentice, Matt.
Trevor ploughing
With all the tinkering finished, we were ready to head out to the fields and get started. I spent a couple of happy mornings getting to grips with the controls of the tractor and learning the basics of ploughing with a single furrow plough. This weekend, I was feeling confident enough to pass on my hard won knowledge to the rest of the team and lots of people had a go at ploughing up the area we’ve set aside for greenhouses and kids play area. Trevor, Dan, William and Karen all had a go today and there’s plenty more field left for everyone else to have a go!
Karen ploughing

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