January Activity on the farm

28th Jan 2014

polytunnel dismantling

We’ve been very busy on the farm over the winter months mainly concentrating on building the new chicken runs down in the woodland. Thanks to a huge amount of second-hand chicken wire that we collect from local thatchers (they take it off the roofs they are rethatching and would then usually throw it away) we’ve managed to get lay out five new runs in what had been a hugely overgrown thicket of brambles and small trees.

Last weekend was a little different however. We’d very kindly been offered a polytunnel – on the proviso that we go down to the allotment where it is currently standing and dismantle it. Five of us headed down there bright and early (and in a couple of cases slightly hungover) and set to work. Fortunately, the tunnel was in fairly good condition and after a fair bit of digging we managed to get it down and rather precariously stowed on to the back of the farm truck.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Karen was leading a team clearing out our existing polytunnel and starting the first sowing of lettuce in anticipation of spring. They also got a couple more doors built for the new chicken runs and continued with what feels like the endless job of putting up fox-proof fencing.
lunch in the clubhouse
Being the last Saturday of month, we are working on the farm all day with only a break for a ‘bring and share’ lunch in the middle of the day. It’s on occasions like this – cold outside but warm inside – that the benefits of the new clubhouse are really felt. Today we were sampling a couple of dishes made by members from their home-made chorizo from the last batch of pigs last autumn, including a fab spicy soup and quiche.

lunch in the clubhouse

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