Spring Arrivals

14th Mar 2014

So, spring is here on the farm – the daffodils are out, the bees have started flying again and its time for new arrivals to join us on the farm. We had our first Wednesday ‘after-school’ session of the year this week and welcomed three sets of new animals on to the farm.
new worms
First out were a pot of tiger worms. We have been donated a polytunnel frame from Sue who is giving up her allotment this year and wanted to see it put to good use and along with it came an old wormery. I’ve been itching to have a go with a one of these for a while now and so was really pleased to get one given to us. Jenny (who’s hand is pictured here!) has a wormery in her garden and has kindly donated a pot of tiger worms to get us started. One layer of the wormery has been filled with veg peelings (no onions, leeks or citrus fruit allowed apparently) and I’m watching carefully to see it slowly turn into a nice rich compost.

new cayuga ducks
Wednesday morning also sees the poultry auction near Mildenhall and this week I went along with Nick to see what early stock was available. We’d tried a test hatch from our Aylesburys and had zero fertility from them so top of my shopping list was a new drake. Fortunately there was a decent looking trio for sale which I got for a fair price and the following lot was a pair of Cayuga ducks looking fabulous with their iridescent green feathers. As I have a bit of a soft spot for ducks I allowed myself an ‘impulse purchase’ for the day and brought them back to the farm to join one of our existing flocks.

The final set of new arrivals were our first six weaners of the year – coming from David at Rosegate Farm – where they’ll go back to for butchering in four months time. This little lot are from a Large White boar and a Oxford Sandy and Black cross Berkshire sow and should finish to a good lean pork weight over the spring and early summer. Our plan this year is to rear smaller batches of pigs more regularly – we’re intending to be finishing two pigs every fortnight between about July and November both for our members and for Friends of the farm who want half or quarter of a pig. If you’ve not yet joined our Friends scheme and would like to get some pork this year, please do get in touch!
Unloading piggies

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