Lambs and a polytunnel

1st Apr 2014

Our new lambsWe’ve got our first lambs at the farm, a collection of six orphans gathered from a couple of local farms. Three are about three weeks old and three are a week old. They are all getting bottles of milk (from our goats supplemented with a replacement milk powder formula) four times a day.
Unfortunately one of the little lambs has got joint ill, a bacterial infection of the joints and caused by him not getting enough colostrum from his mother to pass on her antibodies. Emma has had to inject him with antibiotics every evening – its difficult to find much muscle on the poor little fellow but he’s still feeding very strongly and getting about quickly on his swollen legs so hopefully he’s going to pull through.
Em with the poorly lambCovering the polytunnelOn Saturday we had our monthly ‘lunch workday’ from 10am-4pm and we had a big task ahead of us: the new polytunnel needed covering! The team were more than up to the task though, pulling the plastic cover tight and fixing it with batons to the frame before backfilling the side trenches to hold the end of the plastic down.
Happy polytunnel buildersWe’re hoping that this new growing space will enable us to provide lots of tomatoes, peppers, chilis and cucumbers for the summer veg boxes.

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