Lambs and a polytunnel

1st Apr 2014

We’ve got our first lambs at the farm, a collection of six orphans gathered from a couple of local farms. Three are about three weeks old and three are a week old. They are all getting bottles of milk (from […]

Treebog and Kids’ Area

24th Apr 2012

We had a busy time building things in March during some unseasonably warm weather. The main job was to sort out the ‘hub’ area in the centre of our five crop rotation in the raised beds. The first part of […]

A(nother) Shed

26th Feb 2012

I’ve managed to run up a massive backlog of posts, so some of the workdays in December and January will have to get only brief summaries and a few photos until I get back up to date – so here […]

A pile of pork

17th Sep 2011

A brave bunch of volunteers showed up on Sunday to help me load the three little pigs into the trailer for their final trip. In hindsight, allowing them to dig a deep, muddy wallow right in front of the gate […]