Hugelkultur bed

27th Jun 2012

We’ve got a massive surplus of slightly rotten willow branches and trunks after felling a couple of large trees near the farm house. Willow isn’t much good as a fuel – too wet and light, so we decided to use […]

Starting the spring planting

22nd Apr 2012

In preparation for our spring planting this year, we made a number of cloches from various bits of junk that we had accumulated. The first design was an old favourite, using water pipes to form arches over a rectangular wooden […]

January Activity

28th Feb 2012

With our sows due to farrow at the end of January or the beginning of February, we separated them out into two neighbouring runs. Here’s the line up of intrepid pig herders preparing to gently persuade a 350kg sow to […]

Hog Roast and AGM

5th Oct 2011

To celebrate the first anniversary since we bought Hempsals Farm at auction, we held our first AGM and Hog Roast following a bigger than usual workday. We had two main jobs to do out in the field. The first was […]