Christmas Geese and Turkeys

7th Nov 2014

We are selling Christmas geese and turkeys from the farm this year so do email us if you would like to order one now as we have limited numbers. Our geese will weigh in at around 4.5kg and cost £45 […]

How to Handle Half a Pig

24th Jun 2014

On Monday 7th July, we will be having another demonstration evening – this time the farm members will be showing you how to handle half a pig. From curing bacon and hams to making sausages and salami we’ll show you […]

Lambs and a polytunnel

1st Apr 2014

We’ve got our first lambs at the farm, a collection of six orphans gathered from a couple of local farms. Three are about three weeks old and three are a week old. They are all getting bottles of milk (from […]

Spring Arrivals

14th Mar 2014

So, spring is here on the farm – the daffodils are out, the bees have started flying again and its time for new arrivals to join us on the farm. We had our first Wednesday ‘after-school’ session of the year […]

January Activity on the farm

28th Jan 2014

We’ve been very busy on the farm over the winter months mainly concentrating on building the new chicken runs down in the woodland. Thanks to a huge amount of second-hand chicken wire that we collect from local thatchers (they take […]

Our experience of hatching chicks

20th Oct 2013

Hempsals Community farm often hatches their own chicks, mainly to replenish the flocks of egg laying hens. Our children were very keen to see eggs hatch and watch the chicks grow, so in mid september we got a batch of […]

Geese and Turkeys for Christmas

9th Oct 2013

Update: 9th December. We have sold out of geese but you can still order the last of our Christmas turkeys! We are selling Christmas geese and turkeys from the farm this year so do email us if you would like […]

Afternoon feeding

29th Sep 2013

I’ve been slow at blogging but fortunately Kayla hasn’t been – here’s her post about her first time doing the afternoon feed round at the farm on her own:

Honey extraction

22nd Feb 2013

Last autumn we extracted our first honey from one of our beehives. Here is a photo collection showing the process. The first job is to remove the waxy caps over the cells of honey. This requires a sharp knife and […]

Getting Goats

9th Oct 2012

Last winter, we decided to start keeping goats on the farm. Our main motivation was to get a regular supply of milk and, hopefully later, cheese. We spent the winter visiting local keepers and doing our research so that we […]