January Activity on the farm

28th Jan 2014

We’ve been very busy on the farm over the winter months mainly concentrating on building the new chicken runs down in the woodland. Thanks to a huge amount of second-hand chicken wire that we collect from local thatchers (they take […]

Our experience of hatching chicks

20th Oct 2013

Hempsals Community farm often hatches their own chicks, mainly to replenish the flocks of egg laying hens. Our children were very keen to see eggs hatch and watch the chicks grow, so in mid september we got a batch of […]

More chickens

2nd Oct 2011

We were generously given seven new chickens this week, a mix of commercial hybrids who are laying well. Unfortunately, they came without a coop (which will follow on later) so we needed to knock something together quickly. At first glance […]

chicks, rhubarb and a duck run

24th May 2011

So much has happened since our last update here. Last week our broody hen hatched the first chicks to be born here outside of an incubator. She’s done a really good job and managed nine chicks from twelve eggs! Hanna […]