Spring Arrivals

14th Mar 2014

So, spring is here on the farm – the daffodils are out, the bees have started flying again and its time for new arrivals to join us on the farm. We had our first Wednesday ‘after-school’ session of the year […]

chicks, rhubarb and a duck run

24th May 2011

So much has happened since our last update here. Last week our broody hen hatched the first chicks to be born here outside of an incubator. She’s done a really good job and managed nine chicks from twelve eggs! Hanna […]

Bramble clearing, bee inspecting and duck house building

15th May 2011

A quick update on activity this week at the farm: we’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks clearing out brambles and such like from the old orchard down the side of the house but today […]