How to Handle Half a Pig

24th Jun 2014

On Monday 7th July, we will be having another demonstration evening – this time the farm members will be showing you how to handle half a pig. From curing bacon and hams to making sausages and salami we’ll show you […]

Spring Arrivals

14th Mar 2014

So, spring is here on the farm – the daffodils are out, the bees have started flying again and its time for new arrivals to join us on the farm. We had our first Wednesday ‘after-school’ session of the year […]

Piglets at last!

19th Mar 2012

We finally have some piglets! We were quite disappointed that the AI seemed not to have worked with Priscilla, but her sister Tallulah was due at the start of February so we had that to look forward to. The cold […]

A pile of pork

17th Sep 2011

A brave bunch of volunteers showed up on Sunday to help me load the three little pigs into the trailer for their final trip. In hindsight, allowing them to dig a deep, muddy wallow right in front of the gate […]

Tagging and Digging

13th Sep 2011

Lots of fun and a few sad moments last weekend as we prepared to send off our first three pigs. Before they could leave the farm, the two Old Spot boars and the largest of our Saddleback boars needed to […]

Two sows and a cold frame

11th Jun 2011

We had a much better week the following week, the sows finally made it down to us on the Tuesday after being tempted into the trailer with a big bucket of pig nuts and we had a relatively straightforward job […]

Emergency pig pen and a goose run

1st Jun 2011

We had an exceptionally busy week last week, with emergency evening sessions on Tuesday and Thursday to fence off another corner of the pig field and build a new ark in it. This was in addition to the regular Wednesday […]

Christmas dinner is here

10th May 2011

After a week off from the workdays over Easter, we got back to work last week with a big attack on the old orchard area. We spent Wednesday and Saturday clearing out the undergrowth around the old fruit trees to […]

More pigs, more sunflowers

13th Apr 2011

We had a trip out to Potton on Sunday to pick up some more weaners for the farm. It was mine and Matt’s third time to get pigs and we have begun to get a bit complacent about how straight […]

Pig Ark v2

9th Apr 2011

It was another glorious day down on the farm today. The first job of the afternoon was to apply some sun block to the pigs’ ears. Our old spots have fair skin and do burn easily on glorious days like […]