Country Living – April 2013

11th Oct 2013

We’e been being featured in Country Living magazine this year as they follow the farm through the seasons and they have now very kindly given us permission to publish the articles in pdf format on our website. Here is the […]

Geese and Turkeys for Christmas

9th Oct 2013

Update: 9th December. We have sold out of geese but you can still order the last of our Christmas turkeys! We are selling Christmas geese and turkeys from the farm this year so do email us if you would like […]

Afternoon feeding

29th Sep 2013

I’ve been slow at blogging but fortunately Kayla hasn’t been – here’s her post about her first time doing the afternoon feed round at the farm on her own:


8th Sep 2013

The farm has reached the end of an era this week, with Trevor leaving for pastures new – ‘up north’. Trevor was one of our earliest members and has worked tirelessly on the farm over the last three years. From […]

Milking at the farm

12th Jun 2013

We used this video of me and Karen milking two of our goats as the start of last nights cheese making evening so that people could see the whole process.

Honey extraction

22nd Feb 2013

Last autumn we extracted our first honey from one of our beehives. Here is a photo collection showing the process. The first job is to remove the waxy caps over the cells of honey. This requires a sharp knife and […]

Getting Goats

9th Oct 2012

Last winter, we decided to start keeping goats on the farm. Our main motivation was to get a regular supply of milk and, hopefully later, cheese. We spent the winter visiting local keepers and doing our research so that we […]

Hugelkultur bed

27th Jun 2012

We’ve got a massive surplus of slightly rotten willow branches and trunks after felling a couple of large trees near the farm house. Willow isn’t much good as a fuel – too wet and light, so we decided to use […]

Treebog and Kids’ Area

24th Apr 2012

We had a busy time building things in March during some unseasonably warm weather. The main job was to sort out the ‘hub’ area in the centre of our five crop rotation in the raised beds. The first part of […]

Starting the spring planting

22nd Apr 2012

In preparation for our spring planting this year, we made a number of cloches from various bits of junk that we had accumulated. The first design was an old favourite, using water pipes to form arches over a rectangular wooden […]