Farm Talks

As part of our educational work at the farm we offer a wide range of talks on a whole variety of different subjects. Our most popular talks for pre-schools, schools and residential care homes are about poultry keeping. Our farmer, Ben, will bring a selection of birds to you, including chicks, ducklings, goslings and baby turkeys depending on seasonal availability as well as adult birds for you to meet and talk about all aspects of raising poultry.
Ben is also a keen cheese maker and can offer a demonstration and tasting evening including many different types of cheese, both soft and hard goats’ cheese, ricotta, feta as well as making a simple cottage cheese that you can try at home using only lemon juice!
As we raise our own pigs for pork, we want to use the whole pig without waste and we can talk to you about the various ways to cook and preserve the entire animal. We will describe how to make bacon, ham (both wet-cured and air-cured), sausages, salami, chorizo and brawn and can bringing tasters for you to enjoy.
The above talks have a standard fee of £50, a supplement will be charged of £2 per person where we are providing cheese or meat to taste.

Finally, as part of the charitable work of the Cambridgeshire Beekeepers Association of which we are members, we offer free talks on beekeeping and bees’ vital role in pollination of fruit and vegetable crops.

To book, please email or fill out our online order form.