The Friends of Hempsals Community Farm has been set up to allow those of you who have a real interest in our farm to be more involved in the project.

Benefits include:

  • Come and join in with what is happening on the farm and meet the animals on Saturday mornings.
  • First chance to purchase surplus produce such as pork, honey, eggs and vegetables.

If you would like to join the Friends of Hempsals Community Farm then please make a donation today! The amount is voluntary but we suggest a minimum of £25 for one year’s membership.

Starting up the farm from scratch involves a lot of capital investment and it is hoped that income from the Friends will help towards getting the infrastructure in place that we need. Whilst our members pay for the day-to-day running costs they cannot fund the whole farm by themselves!

So far we have managed to build a top-bar bee hive, construct 3 pig arks and a goat house, fence off several fields, build a children’s play area and make several houses and runs for the geese and chicken (amongst many other projects).

For more information please e-mail