Hatching in Schools

Our hatching programme is a wonderful opportunity for children to interact, care for and learn about the life cycle of chickens from incubation right through to hatching and growth. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience and is designed to be as easy as possible for the school.

The programme lasts for two weeks. We supply, deliver and set up fertilized eggs in a incubator which are just a couple of days from hatching. We also supply a brooder box and food so you can enjoy watching your chicks develop. Everything you need is supplied and taken care of, it really couldn’t be easier!


We know how important it is that everything is taken care of. We supply everything you need, set up the equipment, ensure you are happy and then leave you to enjoy the experience. There are no additional costs to you, and we are contactable at any time should you need further support. Once the programme is over we will come and collect the equipment and the chicks, who will enjoy happy lives as free range chickens on our farm.

For more details of the range of programmes we offer and pricing for them, please see our programmes and pricing page

If you’d like to read more about what’s involved, one of our members wrote a great blog post about their hatching experience using the same incubator and brooder that we send to schools.

To book, please email hatching@hempsalsfarm.com or fill out our online order form.


  • Full liability insurance

  • Risk assessment is provided

  • All supplied electical equipment is P.A.T tested

  • Telephone support